Reviewing a ChangeΒΆ

  1. Click on a link for incoming or outgoing review.
  2. The details of the change and its current status are loaded:
  • Status: Displays the current status of the change. In the example below, the status reads: Needs Verified.
  • Reply: Click on this button after reviewing to add a final review message and a score, -1, 0 or +1.
  • Patch Sets: If multiple revisions of a patch exist, this button enables navigation among revisions to see the changes. By default, the most recent revision is presented.
  • Download: This button brings up another window with multiple options to download or checkout the current changeset. The button on the right copies the line to your clipboard. You can easily paste it into your git interface to work with the patch as you prefer.

Underneath the commit information, the files that have been changed by this patch are displayed.

  1. Click on a filename to review it. Select the code base to differentiate against. The default is Base and it will generally be what is needed.
  2. The review page presents the changes made to the file. At the top of the review, the presentation shows some general navigation options. Navigate through the patch set using the arrows on the top right corner. It is possible to go to the previous or next file in the set or to return to the main change screen. Click on the yellow sticky pad to add comments to the whole file.

The focus of the page is on the comparison window. The changes made are presented in green on the right versus the base version on the left. Double click to highlight the text within the actual change to provide feedback on a specific section of the code. Press c once the code is highlighted to add comments to that section.

  1. After adding the comment, it is saved as a Draft.
  2. Once you have reviewed all files and provided feedback, click the green up arrow at the top right to return to the main change page. Click the Reply button, write some final comments, and submit your score for the patch set. Click Post to submit the review of each reviewed file, as well as your final comment and score. Gerrit sends an email to the change-submitter and all listed reviewers. Finally, it logs the review for future reference. All individual comments are saved as Draft until the Post button is clicked.